Insurance Leadership

Providing long-term value through deep knowledge and experience

Jon Zaffino - Insurance
Jonathan M. Zaffino Executive Vice President and President and CEO of the Everest Insurance® Division
Mike Mulray
Mike Mulray Chief Underwriting Officer
Dane Lopes
Dane Lopes Head of Sales and Distribution
Michael Karmilowicz
Mike Karmilowicz Head of Everest Specialty Underwriters
Connie Germano
Connie Germano Head of Specialty, Casualty
Marty Scherzer
Marty Scherzer Head of Structured Solutions
Tom Morelli
Tom Morelli Head of Energy Casualty
Brian Drum
Brian Drum Head of Everest Underwriting Partners
David Sandler
David Sandler Head of Everest Risk Management
Lou Monteagudo
Lou Monteagudo Head of Accident & Health
Erik Nikodem
Erik Nikodem Head of US Property
Patricia McMahon Chief Claims Officer
Dave Nikolai
David Nikolai Head of Specialty Insurance Group (SIG)
Bill Thygeson
Bill Thygeson Chief Administrative Officer
Stephen Cross
Stephen Cross CEO, Everest Insurance Ireland, dac
Paul Kneafsey Active Underwriter, Syndicate 2786