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For over 40 years, Everest has been a global leader in reinsurance with a broad footprint, deep client relationships and customized solutions.
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Creating Diversification Across Products in the MEA Market
Melissa Ford, Senior Vice President, Middle East and African Operations, Everest Reinsurance, discusses Everest’s product diversification and relationship-building in the MEA market.
Managing Risk Across the Portfolio
Sharry Tibbitt, Senior Vice President & Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer, Everest Reinsurance, discusses Everest’s strategies to manage risk across its portfolio.
Delivering the Everest Value Proposition in Asia Pacific
Nitin Talwalkar, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific Operations, Everest Reinsurance, discusses Everest’s service, capabilities and value proposition in the Asia Pacific markets.

Unsurpassed financial strength.

Backed by rock-solid financials, we provide innovative solutions and disciplined underwriting to our clients. See our financial reports, latest ratings, and learn more about our financial strength.
40+ Years of Market Experience
$14.0B 2022 Gross Written Premiums
$8.4B 2022 Shareholders' Equity

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