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RIMS 2022

Everest Insurance® is a world-class specialty property and casualty insurer with diligent underwriting, world-class talent, a strong culture and a nimble approach to solving complex risks. Backed by the financial strength and stability to consistently deliver insurance solutions, we are there when our customers need us most.

The Everest                Difference

  • Customer-First

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Culture-Driven
  • Global With Local Expertise
  • Financial Strength

RIMS Attendees

Mike Karmilowicz President & Chief Executive Officer, Everest Insurance® mike.karmilowicz@everestre.com
Mike Mulray Chief Operating Officer, Everest Insurance® mike.mulray@everestre.com
Erik Nikodem Global Head of Property erik.nikodem@everestre.com
Jason Ventling Head of Retail Property jason.ventling@everestre.com
Dean DeBlasi Vice President, Property dean.deblasi@everestre.com
Shaun Safi Vice President, Retail Property roshaun.safi@everestre.com
Julianne Walsh Assistant Vice President, Property julianne.pires@everestre.com
David Sandler President, U.S. Casualty david.sandler@everestre.com
Chris McKeon Senior Vice President, Head of Commercial Casualty & Risk Management chris.mckeon@everestre.com
John Lazar Vice President, Risk Management john.lazar@everestre.com
Andreas Graham Vice President, Excess Casualty, Head of Specialty and National Accounts andreas.graham@everestre.com
Mark Hill Head of North American Excess Liability Europe mark.hill@everestre.com
Taylor Forst Senior Underwriter, Excess Casualty taylor.forst@everestre.com
Tom Morelli Head of Energy tom.morelli@everestre.com
Garrett Myklak Vice President, Commercial Casualty Western Region garrett.myklak@everestre.com
 Tyler Chace Senior Underwriter, Commercial Casualty tyler.chace@everestre.com
David Nikolai Head of EverSports & Entertainment Insurance Inc. david.nikolai@everestre.com
Marcus Cooper Head of North American Distribution marcus.cooper@everestre.com
Kevin Dunham West Region Executive, Sales and Distribution kevin.dunham@everestre.com
Lori Agee Vice President, Strategic Relationship Leader, Sales and Distribution  lori.agee@everestre.com
Densel White South Region Leader, Sales and Distribution densel.white@everestre.com
Riki Nieman Vice President, Sales and Distribution riki.nieman@everestre.com
Tony Apriceno Senior Vice President, Sales and Distribution tony.apriceno@everestre.com
Charlie Higham Head of Financial and Professional Liability charlie.higham@everestre.com
Robert Clark Head of Everest Specialty Underwriters robert.clark@everestre.com
Abigail Devine Chief Underwriting Office, Everest Specialty Underwriters abigail.devine@everestre.com
Kyle Adams Head of Bermuda Insurance kyle.adams@everestrebermuda.bm

    What's New at Everest

    We have strategically realigned our U.S. Casualty business

    to streamline processes, enhance our speed to market, increase collaborations, and help deliver a superior experience for Retail and Wholesale customers.

    We have launched a new middle market property product

    specifically designed for the evolving needs of the mid-sized customer that will provide: 

    • Needed risk appetite to the U.S. service industries including: Real Estate, Higher Education, Hospitality, Hospitals, Independent School Districts, Municipalities, Manufacturing, Technology, and Financial Services
    • Critical capacity up to $350 Million provided by Everest
    • Aligned appetite across our Property and Casualty middle market portfolio