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Shareholder value creation drives our strategies. Over the last five years, Everest has grown dividend-adjusted book value per share at a compound annual growth rate of 8.3%.


Globally recognized industry leader.

Everest has international insurance and reinsurance operations with strong brand recognition, top ratings, and significant global reach. We build long-term value for our shareholders through strong risk management and disciplined underwriting.
Information below as of December 31, 2019

Significant Scale

$9.1B 2019 Gross Written Premiums
$13.2B Total Capacity
Everest + Mt. Logan + Cat Bonds

Strong Leadership and Conservative Risk Governance

150+ Combined years of
management experience
6.5% Debt-to-Capital Ratio
Significant Scale & Financial Flexibility

Focus on Shareholder Value

Strong Ratings
11.6% Compound Annual Growth in Book Value per Share, Adjusted for Dividends, Since 1995
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Ascend with a seasoned management team

Our leaders have deep knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and decades of industry experience. We aim to provide long-term value for shareholders through a smart, nimble, and disciplined approach.

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