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Everest Insurance ChileSM
Executive Team

Our team of seasoned leaders bring decades of insurance industry experience to the market.

Pablo Korze Hinojosa: General Manager

Christian Curtze Pinninghoff: Subscription Manager

José Alejandro Alonso Martínez: Finance Manager

Carolina Andrea Oyarzún Barrera: Legal Manager and Compliance Officer

Ariela Fernanda Villablanca Espinoza: Human Resources Manager

Paula Andrea Carvajal Gómez: Claims Manager

Ricardo Esteban Concha González: Casualty Manager

Christopher Andre Bortis Acevedo: Property Manager

Álvaro Cahn Concha: Financial Lines Manager

Alfredo Enrique Fernández Núñez: Technology Manager

Everest Insurance ChileSM
Board of Directors

Mike Karmilowicz
Mike Mulray
Sanjoy Mukherjee
Wayne Schonland
Wayne Schonland
Brian Bedner
Brian Bedner